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Dös & Blake Baxter - Analog vs Digital (Official CDr Ep) [AMA 18-05]

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1. Dös - Data Reverie (Matrix Mix) (5:04)

2. Blake Baxter - Funky Data (313 Edit) (5:19)

3. Dös - Data Reverie (Original Mix) (4:16)

4. Blake Baxter - Funky Data (Raw Digital Mix) (8:10)

Dös, a Detroit electronic artist; collaborates with Blake Baxter, a 1st wave pioneer of Detroit Techno, on this 4-track EP. Includes mixes by Thomas Barnett and Dewane Hall II.

In technology, analog is a wave that is recorded or used in its original form. While digital samples the analog wave at some interval, and then turns it into numbers that are stored on a digital device.

Whichever you prefer, be sure to add this release to your crate or music library and let the people dance to the groove.


Blake Baxter appears Courtesy of Mix Records & Four313 (Detroit)
Thomas Barnett appears Courtesy of Visillusion & Four313 (Detroit)

Tracks 1 & 3
Produced and Composed by Dewane Hall II.

Tracks 2 & 4:
Produced and Composed by Blake Baxter.

Released May 11, 2018

Catalog # AMA 18-05

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Digital download also available via Bandcamp: Click Here

Check out our Official YouTube Channel for videos:  Official YouTube Channel

Also check out the Official Dös Facebook Page: Official Dös Facebook Page

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