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Dös & Ollto Jade - Interneurons (Official CDr Ep) [AMA 18-11]

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1. Dös - Neuromodulation (4:54)

2. Ollto Jade - Soul Controller (4:27)

3. Dös - Quad Core (5:32)

4. Ollto Jade - Moving Parts (4:45)

According to Wikipedia, " Interneurons create neural circuits, enabling communication between sensory or motor neurons and the central nervous system (CNS). The interaction between Interneurons allow the brain to perform complex functions such as learning, and decision-making. "

So let your Interneurons loose and get down to these synergistic grooves flowing out of Detroit!

Ollto Jade (Northside District) is a prolific and very creative Detroit electronic artist and producer. He has previous releases on Intangible Records, Planet E Communications, Yore Records and Exchange Bureau Music; and continues to be influenced by today's Detroit Techno scene.

Dös (Abrodos Music Archives) is a Detroit electronic artist; and has previous releases on: Acacia Records, Planet E Communication, Djax-Up-Beats and Disky. After a long hiatus, he has re-launched his music label and continues to be influenced by today's Detroit Electronic scene,
Ollto Jade appears Courtesy of Northside District (Detroit)

Tracks 1 & 3:
Produced and Composed by Dewane Hall II.

Tracks 2 & 4:
Produced and Composed by Tony Ollivierra.

Released November 9, 2018

Catalog # AMA 18-11

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